Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Famous Five Questions

I once heard someone say how we live in a microwavable world. We want things quick, fast and in a hurry. Though I thought her theory was hilarious, I also found it to be true. Yes, to most, our human nature drives us to want things done right away. Right?

We seem to fill our minds with the famous five questions:

When are we going to get there?
Where are we going?
What am I going to do when I get there?
How am I going to be able to do that?
And Why Me?

I've personally found myself asking the very same questions time and time again. If this is you- you are not alone!

Some of you reading this are working on finishing college degrees. Some of you just started working in your profession and some of you are entrepreneurs. So, it's typical to question where you are and show concern about growth. But, here's one thing you want to be careful of: Worrying about what you can't control!

We go through things in life for reasons. Sometimes we chose different career paths if one path didn't work out the way we planned. If we don't feel like a certain level of success has been achieved, we immediately step down and try something new.

Listen. God created you with a plan and purpose. He has ALL of the answers to your Famous Five. Instead of giving up, feeling inadequate or lost, try putting your life (career, family, dreams) in His hands. Watch how he then guides you- slowly but certainly answering some of your questions. He'll confirm his word and your purpose! Once he does, trust that things are going to work out for your good- no matter how things appear on the outside.

The road we travel on is very unpredictable. We never know what is going to happen tomorrow. But, when we live our lives trusting that he's guiding our footsteps, he'll give us a peace about our journey- peace that no one can disturb or take away!

Psalms 37: 23-26 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholdeth him with His hand. I have been young and am now old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. He is ever merciful and lendeth and his seed is blessed.

Have you ever asked yourself the Famous Five questions? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on this topic!